January 30, 2007

They all think we’re insane!! Moving from a conservative life as myself being an engineer and my wife as a secretary/bookkeeper into a life of gypsies. Maybe they’re right but we are GOING!

In 2003 Linda and I left our home in Old Saybrook CT to do the triangle cruise up the Hudson river, through the Erie and Oswego canals, into Lake Ontario and up the St Lawrence Seaway to Montreal Canada. We returned home proceeding up the St Lawrence to Sorrel Canada and down the Richelieu River, through the Chambly canal and into Lake Champlain. After a too short cruise down the  lake, we headed back the Hudson river via the Chaplain Canal. We arrived home convinced We gotta do MORE.




Did lots of planning and action in the past 2 months.  We both informed our bosses we are retiring.  Did mounds of paperwork that goes along with retiring, changing residence, registering boats, and on and on.  

Boat projects are starting up now that the frigid Connecticut weather is subsiding.  The floor in the main saloon is in the process of refinishing (5 coats to go).  Bottom paint, washer/dryer installation, central vac installation, cockpit screens, and bilge pump replacement are among the projects that need to be done before we put the boat in the water.

May 28, 2007

Less than one week to go to our heading out day (June 3rd )  we took a shakedown cruise up to Hamburg Cove on the Connecticut River and stayed on the hook for a couple of nights.  All went well and we are gaining confidence that we will be off as planned.  To the right is a picture of "SUMMERTIME" in Hamburg Cove.  A great place to visit in Connecticut.